How to find your perfect apartment and what you need to know

Looking for a new place apartment or condo to live can be stressful. Despite what problems we may having living in a place, most of us still have an emotional attachment to the place we call home.

How to find your perfect apartment
Find your perfect apartment and what you need to know

If you are already renting then finding a suitable apartment may be less stressful to you than purchasing a home since the decision does not seem so permanent. While you do sign a lease when you lease an apartment it is likely that you will not stay in an apartment as long as you would if you were buying a house.

Yet, finding a place to rent is still often tiresome. The tips we have outlined below and in other articles on this website can lessen much of the stress associated with finding a new place to live.

First of all, determine where you want to live. There tons of important decisions surrounding where to live but the most basic one is: where do you want to spend the majority of your free time (away from work that is)? We suggest you next pick a geographic area where you want to live. Where you work or go to school (or where you want to) will help you narrow down an area to search in. Concentrate on the city and/or suburbs you want to live in and frm there look for neighborhoods that you like.

How to find your perfect apartment and what you need to know
How to find your perfect apartment

You need to think about how long you are likely to stay in the apartment you pick. The amount of time that you foresee living in the apartment will help you in your search. For example: if you are attending college, you will most likely only be in the apartment until you graduate.

If you are new to a job and you think you are going to stick with it for a while, then this information will help you determine how how long of a lease to sign.

Determine how much you can afford to pay on rent and don’t forget to factor in the costs of water, gas, cable TV, etc.. While you may want to live in the best part of town, don’t overextend yourself. How much you can afford to spend each month will quick bring you back to reality. Apartment hunting often requires a little flexibility, so try to find a balance between what you can afford to pay and where you want to live.

Find out how much space you need. While we all want a huge apartment, this luxury has to be balanced against other factors that go into making this type of decisions. Studei, one and two bedrooms very greatly in different complexes so shop and compare.

Determine how much money you need to have saved up in order to rent. Different landlords ask for different amounts of deposits before you can move in to your new apartment. In general you should estimate that you will need three times the monthly rent for deposits, etc.. This will cover first and last month’s rent and one month’s rent as a security or damage deposit. Also, don’t forget the cost of moving and buying new furniture!

Check out apartments carefully to make sure they are right for you. Make up a checklist to compare to your requirements and also to make sure everything is in working order.

  • Check for water leaks and plumbing fistures that work in the toilets, faucets, tubs and showers
  • Ask which appliances come with the apartment and check to make sure they work
  • Ask which utilities are included in the rent: cable TV, Internet access, electricity, gas, garbage, swimming pool, etc.
  • Make sure you look at the apartment during the day so you can see the lighting and sun conditions
  • Listen for an excessive amount of traffic or street noise and make sure there is adequate parking

-Check in cabinets, under sinks, behind toilets, etc. and check for cleanliness and signs of pests

And, use online websites like to find local listings and great apartment deals. is a free online classified advertising service where many people list their apartments for rent. You can also find a lot of stuff here to help furnish your new place.

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