Authentic Debt Consolidation Programs – Do They Offer You Credit Counseling Service?

Are you in the market to choose debt consolidation programs that can help you combine your debts into a single monthly payment? If you owe huge unpaid bills on all your credit cards, you should ensure choosing the best debt consolidation company so that they can help you take the best decision about deleting your financial worries by clubbing them into a single payment. As there are too many debt consolidation companies that are waiting to offer their services, you have to take the best decision so that you don’t choose working with an unauthentic company that is waiting to prey on your trust. There are certain debtors who ask whether the trustworthy debt consolidation firms offer credit counseling help before enrolling the debtors into their program. Read on the concerns of the article to know more.

What is credit counseling help?

While there are independent credit counseling agencies that specialize in offering counseling help to the financially hapless debtors in the US, there are some other debt consolidation companies that even offer credit counseling help before enrolling you within their program. This is the sign of an authentic debt consolidation company. They first assess your finances, the ration between the total amount of debt that you owe to the total monthly income that you earn, check your budget and then try to help you with personal finance management techniques that can help you control your debts from rising. Only when they see that you can’t repay your debts even by following the budgeting and the personal finance management techniques that they offer you, they’ll sign you up with their debt consolidation program.

Choosing the most authentic debt consolidation program – How to identify them

When it comes to choosing the real debt consolidation programs, you should take into account certain points so that you may not commit the mistake of working with the wrong company. Here are the points that you should check before working with a debt consolidation company.

  • Check their BBB rating: BBB or the Better Business Bureau is a non-partial institution that accredits all the trustworthy financial companies. Before you select a debt consolidation company, you should demand their BBB certificate that has been given to them by the BBB so that you may be able to judge their authenticity.
  • Check the fee structure of the company: You should also check the fees demanded by the debt consolidation company. Are they charging you high advance fees? According to the FTC, no for-profit debt consolidation company can charge any kind of advance fee from a debtor before reducing a portion of your debts.
  • Check if they offer counseling to you: If you choose a debt consolidation firm where the debt representative pushes you into accepting the terms and conditions of their company, you should expect them to be a scam company. On the other hand, if they assess your finances and offer you counseling, they may be a worthy company.

So, before choosing to work with a debt consolidation firm, ensure that you’re working with a real one that has your best interests in mind. Cooperate with them by managing your finances so that they can soon help you get out of debt.

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